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iquip for your online event

In the current situation, an online event creates the possibility that information sharing with a large reach is still possible. We take care of all this in a safe way, both in terms of health and privacy. With the extensive options that we integrate into 1 system, this forms a user-friendly interface for your participants and presenters. This way, participants but also presenters can participate in the event at their own desired location.

Unprecedented possibilities, completely tailored to your wishes

Whether it concerns a meeting, event or congress, we can make the “translation” to make it an online event, or to display it in a live stream.

By sharing your event online, the target audience can follow it on one for them desired place. This can be done in various ways, the “broadcast” can be  pre-recorded or it can be done live.

The whole is registered by means of cameras and we can intergrate content such as PowerPoint and videos into the web stream.
To make it interactive there is the possibility to add different modules. Q&A, voting, polls are among the possibilities.
If it is important for your organization to know whether the participants are following the event, we can add an accreditation function.

The audience comes with the help of a link on the landing page,  and no installations of software or the like are required. This landing page can be adapted to your corporate identity and possibly integrated into your website.

Online events can take place at any location, but it is of course possible that a particular speaker cannot be present. We offer the possibility that this person can still present and is displayed online. If your company policy is to work from home and not come together, we can also have all speakers present from home in the online event including interaction between different presenters and / or participants.

In the current situation, organizing an event is different from normal.
We are happy to inform and help you about the various options and tailor the event to your wishes.

Quick wins
With the extensive options that we integrate into 1 system, this forms a user-friendly interface for your participants and presenters.
Through a complete (joint) preparation, everything is coordinated and you are completely relieves.
Iquip ensures a professional appearance of your online event, possibly in your own corporate identity.
In a safe way, both in terms of health and privacy.
How can we help you?

We’ll be only too happy to tell you how we can take all the worries off your hands:

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Highly supportive

Running shows may be routine work for iquip, but for you it isn’t. That’s why we supply everything needed to provide you with effective support. Spending more time on preparations – it’s worth it! Extra equipment or files as backup? iquip’s already thought of it! Another run-through? No problem!


Experience makes all the difference, whatever the project. That’s why iquip takes every opportunity to let its experience speak for itself, by asking just a few more questions, wanting to know all the details, checking through scenarios, and preparing shows in every last detail.

Reliable in a crisis

If people start to panic, it brings out the best in iquip. iquip then calmly comes up with down-to-earth solutions. It stays “cool, calm, and collected”. There may be a bit of “stormy weather” behind the scenes, but in front of the scenes your guests will be having a great time. Fortunately, iquip is prepared for every eventuality.


Conferences, shows, and presentations are given greater quality and strength through professional, supportive, and decisive action by the iquip team.

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