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When it comes to high-performance audio and visual, iquip makes a real difference. Conferences, shows, and presentations are given greater quality and strength through professional, supportive, and decisive action by the iquip team.

iquip for your conference

• Effective organisation calms things right down. You can rely on our experience in audio and video, a tightly organised stage, appropriate images, and sophisticated technology.
• Think in terms of possibilities, and challenge us on everything that contributes to a successful conference, an impressive gathering, or a successful meeting.
• Iquip contributes to strong communication. A sleek show that runs like clockwork!

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Iquip operates literally behind the scenes, in order to deliver top performance in front of the scenes. It’s literally at the controls to ensure clear sound amplification and impressive projections and presentations. So it’s metaphorically behind you – for you.

We could bore you a huge list of all our equipment for amplification, lighting, and tightly controlled shows. But we prefer to guarantee that we have (or will get!) everything needed to make your event a success and to convince your visitors.

iquip for your business presentation

• Discover the great solutions for making your presentation even more impressive: beautifully integrated displays, stand construction solutions and LED panels..
• For iquip it’s not a problem: presentations with multiple projectors or displays simultaneously. Impressive!

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Making light and sound fit together perfectly, and a tightly organised stage. Clear and appropriate video presentations with projections or screens, products splendidly highlighted, “invisible” direction. Everything needed for a sleek presentation.

Together with iquip you’ll discuss the possibilities and discover all the ways of making an unforgettable impression on your guests. At every location – indoors or outdoors – iquip delivers top performance.

iquip is helpful for:


Iquip and Quadrum
High-performance audio and video in combination with a highly attractive and innovative way of organising your event...
Online events • hybrid events
Iquip offer plenty of opportunities for information sharing that has a major impact...
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iquip for your online event


• With the extensive options that we integrate into 1 system, this forms a user-friendly interface for your participants and presenters.
• Through a complete (joint) preparation, everything is coordinated and you are completely relieves.
• Iquip ensures a professional appearance of your online event, possibly in your own corporate identity.
• In a safe way, both in terms of health and privacy.

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Information sharing with a large reach is possible. We take care of all this in a safe way, both in terms of health and privacy.

With the extensive options that we integrate into 1 system, this forms a user-friendly interface for your participants and presenters. This way, participants but also presenters can participate in the event at their own desired location.

typically iquip

Highly supportive

Running shows may be routine work for iquip, but for you it isn’t. That’s why we supply everything needed to provide you with effective support. Spending more time on preparations – it’s worth it! Extra equipment or files as backup? iquip’s already thought of it! Another run-through? No problem!


Experience makes all the difference, whatever the project. That’s why iquip takes every opportunity to let its experience speak for itself, by asking just a few more questions, wanting to know all the details, checking through scenarios, and preparing shows in every last detail.

Reliable in a crisis

If people start to panic, it brings out the best in iquip. iquip then calmly comes up with down-to-earth solutions. It stays “cool, calm, and collected”. There may be a bit of “stormy weather” behind the scenes, but in front of the scenes your guests will be having a great time. Fortunately, iquip is prepared for every eventuality.

iquip for your event

• Benefit from iquip’s extensive experience – you can trust, rely on, and build on it. And yes: the experience we’ve gained at the biggest festivals in the Benelux is definitely also valuable during events on a much smaller scale.
• Feel free to share your scenario at an early stage. The more we know, the more we can combine. We can then think along with you. It doesn’t cost anything but it saves a lot.
• Iquip will be happy to act as the main contractor for the sound and light during an event. And iquip is a team player, with an impressive and valuable network of suppliers, specialists, and backup.

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An event needs to make an impression. You promise your guests a special experience, and you achieve that with the sound, light, and show. This is where iquip’s international experience comes in, both in production (choosing and setting up the right equipment) and performance (running the show, and literally at the controls of the lighting, audio, and effects).

By deploying the right equipment, but also selecting the right people, iquip can enhance your event as invisibly as possible. Our offer tells you how we make a difference – by listening, making sensible and well-founded choices, and taking decisive action.

use our “WeTransfer” page

PowerPoint presentations, big images and files, drafts, scripts… whatever it may be. If it’s too big to e-mail, it can be sent via our WeTransfer page.



Good sound quality is more important than ever. Depending on the space, the intelligibility becomes less...
Displays & projectie
Working without displays and projection has become inconceivable nowadays. They are used in all sorts of different ways...
Videoconferencing for meeting rooms
If you want your meetings to be efficient, then a good videoconferencing system in your meeting room saves a lot of valuable travel time...

what clients say about iquip

If we want that little bit extra for audiovisual requests, we ask iquip to take care of this. In Hotel New York we have a number of things ourselves, but if the client wants everything to be perfectly arranged with the right guidance, we propose to use Iquip.
In NY Basement, iquip has taken on various audiovisual requests at meetings where a presentation will be given. Always to the satisfaction of the clients.

Roel Dusseldorp, General manager Hotel New York

iquip is our ‘preferred supplier’ and guides all our meetings, presentations and events on board the ss Rotterdam. They radiate peace and professionalism, so many of our relations choose to come back.

Ton Wesselink, General manager ss Rotterdam

I’ve rarely met AV employees who were so decisive. You’ve already thought about everything that a client might worry about during a presentation. Great be able to benefit from your experience!

Jeroen van ‘t Leven, Life design


Conferences, shows, and presentations are given greater quality and strength through professional, supportive, and decisive action by the iquip team.

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