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iquip for your conference

Iquip operates literally behind the scenes, in order to deliver top performance in front of the scenes. It’s literally at the controls to ensure clear sound amplification and impressive projections and presentations. So it’s metaphorically behind you – for you. We could bore you a huge list of all our equipment for amplification, lighting, and tightly controlled shows. But we prefer to guarantee that we have (or will get!) everything needed to make your event a success and to convince your visitors.


How do we make all the difference at your conference? We think along with you to ensure that our technology gives your guests something really special. Whether it’s tackling things on a big scale or making a difference in the minor details – that extra touch you’re looking for. The options are endless. We discuss things with you at an early stage and pool ideas, so as to get the overall picture right. We make your event unforgettable. We’re also happy to take care of any worries regarding the presentations and performances by the speakers. We go through your wishes and all the options step by step.

Speakers are heartily welcome at our speaker service centre, a space where they can work in peace and quiet or prepare their presentation. Our technicians can go through the presentation with the speaker and upload it to the video system in the conference room. Everything will be arranged perfectly. Iquip’s staff have extensive experience with international conferences and are always up to date on the latest technology. In cooperation with our partners we deliver a total concept, including decoration and banners. That way, we match up all the details, both in the design and in the assembly and dismantling. This all adds up to a really successful conference! More about our approach?

Quick wins

Effective organisation calms things right down. You can rely on our experience in audio and video, a tightly organised stage, appropriate images, and sophisticated technology.
Think in terms of possibilities, and challenge us on everything that contributes to a successful conference, an impressive gathering, or a successful meeting.
Iquip contributes to strong communication. A sleek show that runs like clockwork!

How can we help you?

We’ll be only too happy to tell you how we can take all the worries off your hands:

iquip for...


typically iquip

Highly supportive

Running shows may be routine work for iquip, but for you it isn’t. That’s why we supply everything needed to provide you with effective support. Spending more time on preparations – it’s worth it! Extra equipment or files as backup? iquip’s already thought of it! Another run-through? No problem!


Experience makes all the difference, whatever the project. That’s why iquip takes every opportunity to let its experience speak for itself, by asking just a few more questions, wanting to know all the details, checking through scenarios, and preparing shows in every last detail.

Reliable in a crisis

If people start to panic, it brings out the best in iquip. iquip then calmly comes up with down-to-earth solutions. It stays “cool, calm, and collected”. There may be a bit of “stormy weather” behind the scenes, but in front of the scenes your guests will be having a great time. Fortunately, iquip is prepared for every eventuality.


Conferences, shows, and presentations are given greater quality and strength through professional, supportive, and decisive action by the iquip team.

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