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Iquip and Quadrum

High-performance audio and video in combination with a highly attractive and innovative way of organising your event – that’s what the partnership between Visualitys and iquip can offer.

Visualitys has developed Quadrum® based on its expertise in arranging creative and innovative events. The multifunctional Quadrum® display system is constructed of foldable cubes of different heights. This means you can have attractive trade fair stands and display walls, for example for presentations and exhibitions. Quadrum® is a system limited only by the location, and it can be personalised as you wish by using LED light units, photo and logo panels, display cases, and colour schemes.

The partnership between Visualitys and iquip makes it possible to integrate the technology when assembling and dismantling, without you having to worry about it. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us for more information.

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Highly supportive

Running shows may be routine work for iquip, but for you it isn’t. That’s why we supply everything needed to provide you with effective support. Spending more time on preparations – it’s worth it! Extra equipment or files as backup? iquip’s already thought of it! Another run-through? No problem!


Experience makes all the difference, whatever the project. That’s why iquip takes every opportunity to let its experience speak for itself, by asking just a few more questions, wanting to know all the details, checking through scenarios, and preparing shows in every last detail.

Reliable in a crisis

If people start to panic, it brings out the best in iquip. iquip then calmly comes up with down-to-earth solutions. It stays “cool, calm, and collected”. There may be a bit of “stormy weather” behind the scenes, but in front of the scenes your guests will be having a great time. Fortunately, iquip is prepared for every eventuality.


Conferences, shows, and presentations are given greater quality and strength through professional, supportive, and decisive action by the iquip team.

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